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Kid Fun - Panama City Beach Vacation

Florida and the beach is so interesting for children of all ages. Here are some links to keep you focused before and after your trip. The coloring pages are great to get the little ones excited about an upcoming trip. Beach crafts have great ideas for those keepsakes you bring home. There are plenty of activities in Panama City Beach to do with the kids at the beach, but here’s a few additional ideas:

Flashlights on the beach at night:
What kid doesn’t love a flashlight? Many kinds of interesting creatures can be found crawling on the beach when the sun sets. When you put a light on the crabs, they will move quite quickly! Just bring a couple of flashlights with you in your bags.

Metal Detectors:
You never know what kind of treasure you might find with a real treasure finder. You may rescue someone who has lost keys or jewelry in the sand. It might even pay off big!