Note: Our monthly rentals now start November 1st until March 1st.  We will not be renting the month of March at the monthly rate.

SPRING SPECIAL: Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals is offering 10% off of the rental rate if you book a condo with dates from March 13th - May 20th! This is offered only for online booking on our website .Use promo code :" Spring " in the comments to receive this discount. Call 1-800-874-8823 if you have any questions.  

We advertise on VRBO, like many others.  VRBO has started to charge a percentage fee (between 4-8%) for booking one of our condos on their website. This throws off our total when booked through VRBO.  We do not charge that booking fee ,that they do, so keep that in mind if you have a questions about the discrepancy . For online booking, use our portal here to do so. Call with any questions. 


The link below will provide many of the details of the project.

The fourth renourishment of the Panama City Beaches will be under construction during March and April 2017, with a planned completion by May 1st. This is a very important project for maintaining the health of our beaches! The link below will provide many of the details of the project. 

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE*  This has been updated as of 3/23/17

Construction Mobilization: beginning March 1, heavier equipment not until mid- to late March

Pinnacle Port segment active dredging/construction: April 4-April 9

County Pier segment active dredging/construction: March 27- April 7

City Pier segment active dredging/construction: April 8-19

Treasure Island segment active dredging/construction: April 20-27

*This schedule is tentative, as well as weather and equipment dependent; please check back frequently for updates!