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Rental Policy

Rental Policy
RENTAL AGREEMENT- Please read the following agreement carefully. Updated March, 2014. Sign at the bottom and 
return to  or fax to 850-234-9625.

***By signing this agreement alone does not guarantee confirmation on your reservation. The total balance of your reservation must also be paid in full, no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date.  If both requirements are not met, you may be subject to be moved to an alternate condo or canceled, if management needs to make adjustments. Guests that are booking inside of the two week window,prior to arrival, will be charge the full amount upon booking.

This agreement constitutes a contract between the person or persons registered (individually or collectively referred to as the 
“Renter”) and Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals as “Agent”, to rent the premises described. The conditions, limitations, and 
restrictions described therein are included as part of this agreement, including departure date and check-in and check-out times.

1. Premises, furnishings and equipment: Renter understands that the premises and its furnishings are 
privately owned. Neither the agent nor the owner of the premises shall be responsible for providing any additional 
furnishings or equipment not available presently in the premises. In the event of a failure of the heating and air 
conditioning systems or a major appliance in the premises, and the agent is unable to secure timely repairs thereof 
after notice of failure from renter, a rate adjustment may be made at the discretion of the Pinnacle Port Vacation 
Rentals Manager, or an alternate room may be offered. All items in need of replacement from being non-functional 
during stay, must to be brought to the attention of management. Any items bought by renter are solely at the 
renter’s expense and no compensation will be awarded.
Note: Our condos are not handicap accessible, so take note on that the stairs might be a factor if booking in the A tower.


2. Deposit Policy: Daily, weekly reservations require an advanced payment of (1) night’s room rent, taxes and fees 
and are required at the time of booking. This amount is applied towards your balance total. All monthly 
reservations require a$300 down payment toward the balance of their reservation to be paid upon booking.

3. Limited Damage Waiver: Your reservation includes a $49 Non-Reundable Limited Damage Waiver fee applied to the balance. 
It covers guest against any accidental damages to the unit or its content for an amount not to exceed $2,000 when 
reported immediately. This gives our guests a complete and total peace of mind by knowing “When accidents do 
happen, you are covered!” This waiver is only valid if an incident is reported prior to check out. If unreported 
damages are found after departure or as the result of excessive or inappropriate action that resulted in damage, the 
guest is then responsible for all damages. It is the responsibility of the renter to examine the unit and report any 
broken or damaged areas within 24 hours of arrival. Beyond that time, renter is subject to pay for damages for any 
known items of interest.

4. Unit Keys: All keys are to be returned to office or left in box outside office. Key replacement charge, if lost or not 
returned is $25 per key.

5. Pets: Pets are not allowed in rental units, except those used by persons with hearing and visual impairments.
6. Owner’s closet(s): A locked area in the premises is reserved for the storage of owner’s property and is not 
included in the rental.

7. Sublease or assignment: Renter shall not sublet or assign this agreement without the prior consent of agent.
8. Entry of premises: Agent or an authorized employee or repair person may enter the premises during customary 
business hours (such limitation not to apply in cases of emergency) for any purpose connected with the cleaning, 
repair, improvement, care and management of the premises.

9. Substitution of comparable accommodations: Agent has authority from owner to commit the premises for 
certain periods during the 12 months following the confirmation date of this rental. However, should owner list the 
premises for sale prior to the dates of the renter’s occupancy, or should owner occupy the premises as a resident or 
otherwise prohibit agent from renting the premises notwithstanding owner’s agreement with the agent, the agent 
may provide renter the substitute comparable accommodations for the dates of renter’s occupancy, which renter 
agrees to rent under the agreement, provided the substitute comparable accommodations do not have a higher 
rental than the premises reserved.

10. Compliance with rules and regulations: Renter shall obey all federal, state, and local laws. In addition, 
renter shall take all reasonable steps to see that he, members of his family and other occupants of the premises 
adhere to the rules and regulations applicable to the premises, and the resort property, with the following rules and 
regulations being cited as of exceptional importance:
Shooting of fireworks and carrying of firearms within the resort is prohibited.

Boat trailers, trailers, motor homes, campers, buses, etc. must be parked and stored only in designated resort 

areas. A storage fee will apply to all trailers, motor homes, campers, etc. stored on resort property.
The occupancy of the premises, and the use of resort common areas, shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful so 
as to not disturb others. The entire resort will recognize quiet hours of 11pm to 7am.
Use of the resort facilities is limited to renter and members of his party occupying the premises.
Motorized bikes, skateboarding and golf carts are prohibited.

11. Termination of rental: If renter violates any of the condition or restrictions of this agreement, agent may 
terminate this agreement and enter the premises. Upon notice of termination of this agreement, renter shall vacate 
the premises immediately.

12. Reservation Balance: The balance of reservation is due no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. This does 
not include our winter guests staying two or more consecutive months. We accept cash, certified check, money 
order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

13. Early check-outs: No refunds for early check-outs or evictions.

14. Loss or Damage: Agent shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of renter’s property.

15. Age requirements: No guests under the age of 25 unless the unit is occupied by a parent or legal guardian. In 
addition, the person registering for the unit must be an occupant of the unit for the entire length of stay.

16. Unit capacity: 1 bedroom sleeps a maximum of 4 persons; 2 bedrooms 6; and 3 bedrooms 8. Management has a 
right to assess additional charges or evict if this maximum is exceeded.

17. Check-in/Check-out: Check-in is 4pm CST Check-out is 10 a.m. CST.  Unauthorized late check outs are subject to(1) day’s 
rental rate. Another guest may be arriving to occupy that unit and housekeeping needs an appropriate amount of 
time to clean unit.

18. Smoking: No smoking is allowed in any of our rental units.

19. Electric usage: Guests staying for (1) month or more are responsible for all of electric usage over the following 
allotted: 1 bdr.- $50/month, 2bdr.-$75/month, 3 bdr.- $100/month.

20. Condo moving:   Guest will be allowed to switch condos (1) time within (7) days of making the reservation with no penalty.  A max of (2) times is permissible and NO moving condos within 30 days prior to arrival date. There is a $50 charge for the second condo move.  This may or may not be stated to you at the time of the second move, due to busy season and possibly being overlooked, but the second move will be charged to your account.

21 .Cancellations: Reservations cancelled within 24 hours after making reservation will receive a full refund of all 
payments that were made. After the 24 hour period and before the 14 days prior to arrival (within 30 days of arrival for 
monthly reservations) renters are subject to a cancellation fee of $50.00. A renter that cancels inside of the 14 day 
window prior to arrival will forfeit any payments paid unless we are able to re-rent your reserved unit to a new guest. 
All no-show reservations will forfeit all paid amounts and the reservation will be cancelled at 10:00 AM the following 
day. Inclement weather or early departures do not warrant a refund. Mandatory evacuations will result in rescheduling 
reservation to be booked within 1 annual year, dated from current arrival date. No exceptions will be made to the 
cancelation policy.
----------------------------------------------------------------- (sign here)
Guest on reservation AND Unit number
By signing this, you are agreeing to rent the property listed for the dates shown, pay the rental and other amounts indicated and 
to all of the rental policies.
 Please emailed a signed copy to  or fax to 850-234-9625.
Thank you for choosing Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals for your vacation destination. We will work to make your 
visit enjoyable and one that you will want to repeat season after season, year after year.